Follow-up (After-care Services)

This is to bridge treatment and the community where full recovery will continue to take place. A.A., N.A. and Al-anon are available means of achieving the continued sobriety.  All clients are expected and strongly recommended to attend the same without fail.  Patients should undergo counseling and psychiatric consultation (Tuesdays) for a period of one year –  First two months on a weekly basis and after that on a monthly basis from the date of discharge

TRADA believes that follow-up data is important in determining the overall effectiveness of our programs.

  • Detoxification, Counseling and Rehabilitation of addicts
  • Intervention/Awareness generation in collaboration with GO’s and NGO’s in the field where there is more high risk persons involved, schools, colleges, SHGs, factories, colonies, parishes etc.
  • Camp method of de-addiction treatment in order to motivate alcoholics to undergo treatment for de-addiction
  • Women Empowerment in the areas of health, education, participation
  • Conducting State Conference on Family, Children, Mental Health, HIV/AIDS, Addiction and on current issue
  • Collaboration with other like-minded agencies to prevent alcoholism, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS etc.
  • Publication of books and literatures on addiction counseling and related issues.
  • Training & Research
  • Placement training services for students MSW, Counseling, Psychology, Nursing, Mental health students
  • Home based Palliative Care is being carried out in collaboration with Local government agencies and Mother Palliative Care Unit
  • Participation in Prohibition movements against alcohol production, sale and use
  • Conducting Rural camps and Free Medical camps at needy areas specially at the Tribal area
  • School Counseling
  • Training of Trainers in detoxification, counseling and rehabilitation of addicts
  • Training of youth in schools and colleges through conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • The treatment includes Yoga and Meditation, kitchen gardening etc.



The Dale View is a Voluntary Organization since 1978 with a mission “To create a just society through education employment & Empowerment of the Society”. We started a de-addiction centre for treatment and counseling of addicts with a 15-bedded hospital, later raised to a 30-bedded hospital sponsored by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment. The Organization is devoting its attention to rehabilitate broken families owing to alcoholic and other drug menace. The Dale View has a long term experience in de-addiction treatment and rehabilitation. The networking of the Dale View enables us to carry out the activities effectively with maximum people’s participation.

The treatment goes through different phases -


  • Controlling withdrawal symptoms.
  • Individual, family and group counseling provided to patients, families and friends.
  • Educational session is also included which convey the negative impact of alcoholism and drug abuse in life.
  • Applying recovery measures which enable the patients to lead a better drug free life.
  • Indoor outdoor games, Yoga, meditation and prayer are arranged as a part of the treatment for overcoming abstinence based problems.







29 - 47 /day


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