De-addiction & Rehabilitation

De-addiction & Rehabilitation

There is growing recognition of the heavy toll addictive disorders and related mental health problems have globally. Our De-addiction Rehab Centers offer hope and recovery to those struggling with various forms of addiction and help them return to a normal happy and healthy lifestyle.

Our rehab centers take special care to provide tailor-made treatment plans according to your individual circumstances. They have developed a list of goals that you can use as reminders and to help you stay on track of your recovery in the days and months to come.

With the concurrence of the patient’s family, the patient’s health condition is evaluated and afterwards the most appropriate treatment regimen is advised. The different rehab centers combine ayurveda, yoga, physiotherapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, etc., and also counseling. Each of these treatment therapies are scientifically proven to benefit positively and effectively in the patient’s recovery. They also include plenty of outdoor activities and excursions, allowing for everyday activities to help the recovery process and develop habits that enable ongoing recovery into the future.

Our Treatment Programs:

TRADA Integrated Rehabilitation Center for Addicts

TRADA’s Residential treatment and Rehabilitation Program is a high quality one, combining a multidisciplinary therapy approach with after-care therapy. This enables the patients and their families to adjust to a new lifestyle, face new responsibilities and gain strength in relationships through the support gained in the programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous.

Patients who are admitted at TRADA are diagnosed as per ICD-10 criteria. The model recognizes that drug and alcohol dependence is a family illness and a behavioral disorder. Detoxification is provided after careful medical evaluation under a Skilled Nursing Unit. This unit is functioning round the clock.

Holistic Treatment

TRADA have four-dimensional treatments for our clients: Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual.  TRADA inpatient program includes clinical assessment, detoxification, individual and family counseling, family and marital therapies.  The patients attend daily lectures, have meals together, participate in daily group and community therapy sessions, perform therapeutic tasks and assignments.  Peer group techniques and mutual assistance in self-help groups are important factors in the program besides A.A., Al-anon, N.A. and other spiritual therapies.  The primary length of the stay is for 31 days.  This helps in detoxification/stabilization and rehabilitation/relapse prevention.

Follow-up (After-care Services)

This is to bridge treatment and the community where full recovery will continue to take place. A.A., N.A. and Al-anon are available means of achieving the continued sobriety.  All clients are expected and strongly recommended to attend the same without fail.  Patients should undergo counseling and psychiatric consultation (Tuesdays) for a period of one year –  First two months on a weekly basis and after that on a monthly basis from the date of discharge


TRADA believes that follow-up data is important in determining the overall effectiveness of our programs.


The Dale View is a Voluntary Organization since 1978 with a mission “To create a just society through education employment & Empowerment of the Society”. We started a de-addiction centre for treatment and counseling of addicts with a 15-bedded hospital, later raised to a 30-bedded hospital sponsored by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment. The Organization is devoting its attention to rehabilitate broken families owing to alcoholic and other drug menace. The Dale View has a long term experience in de-addiction treatment and rehabilitation. The networking of the Dale View enables us to carry out the activities effectively with maximum people’s participation.

The treatment goes through different phases

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